Monthly Archives: January 2014

Historia de un Leterro

Even though this short film was entirely in Spanish, that did not stop the audience from understanding it’s message. The main message I took from this video was that the same idea can be said in completely different ways. Not only can it be said in different words, but those words can unearth different emotions within people.

┬áThis was shown when the homeless man had his sign changed by the Matrix looking business man reworded his sign. Originally it had simply asked the public to take pity on him since he was blind. Many ignored this sign because it didn’t grab them emotionally. When the wealthier man reworded the sign to say that he could not enjoy this beautiful day like them because he was blind, it immediately had an effect on passing people. They related to what the sign said and even though it was putting out the same message about the blind man needing help, these words stirred up more emotion in people because they were enjoying the nice day themselves that the sign described.

Even though the video was not in my native language, it’s message was still clearly understood. If one way of saying something does not have the effect you desire, try changing it to make it more personable. If it is more personable to your audience, people are more likely to register with it emotionally and overall understand and relate to it better.