Amazing Apasia

When I started to read our works on Aspasia I found myself quite excited. Being a history major and a woman, I am all about women from different time periods showing up the men. Apasia is a great example of this type of woman. She seems to have been extremely intelligent and highly regarded amongst some of the most notable academic men in history. Socrates himself sought her out for help when it came to understanding the concept of rhetoric.

This is quite remarkable because women in Athens, while having somewhat more freedom than other women during this time, were still seen as simply mothers and wives. The fact that a woman (one with a scandalous history at that,) became known for her mind is groundbreaking. It is a shame we do not have any of her surviving works and texts to truly know how wonderful of a mind she was. However since she was written about by such notable men, it is safe to say Apasia was indeed a revered scholar in her day. She helped pave the way for women to be proud of their minds and not just proud of their production abilities.

Rosie sums this up nicely.



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