Giroux’s Film Tool

Last week when I was reading Giroux’s piece on how important of a teaching tool film can be I was quite struck by what he was saying. I had a history teacher who used film as a teaching tool quite often much to my delight. At first I thought it was just an “easy day” where I didn’t have to take notes. Then after watching the movie The Last of the Mohicans in class, I realized film about history can not only be extremely interesting but helpful when learning about certain time periods.

Even now in my upper level history classes if I am having trouble understanding or am a bit bored with the information we are covering I will wonder over to YouTube and Netflix. Here I can find documentaries and dramas about almost every time period in history. They almost always lead me to a more clear and entertaining explanation of the information I need to know.

The fact that we can use other uses of media such as movies, music, and plays to learn more in depth about certain subjects is refreshing. To have other options than books and oral lectures can be especially useful for people who are more of visual learners (like myself). I love having these resources which can often lead me to learn things I may not have gotten in class or in a book.

I’ve started to enjoy ending my ideas and thoughts with a still or gif from a film so here is one I found works with my thoughts today:



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