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Language Maintenance, Shift, and Death(and Aziz Ansari)

The section from our reading of Chapter 8 that boiled the most thought in my brain was section 8.3. In this section the author discusses examples of the maintenance, shifts and even deaths in languages throughout history.

When the author was explaining three major terms in language, I couldn’t help but think of our current situation in America. We are encountering currently a bit of a language shift in terms of the Spanish language. This is evident when you compare schools from the early 20th century to schools today. Spanish classes are booming and even sometimes required( as in the case of my 8 years in a Catholic grade school). Schools are seeing the need for people to know this language that is becoming a dominant one in our culture and society. Many jobs today are even requiring or wanting someone who is bi-lingual in Spanish in English. At the same time, I do not think we are experiencing a language death when it comes to English, I think many are trying to maintain our native English language but that we won’t see it die out and replaced by Spanish in our society any time soon.

The last thing that struck me in the Introducing Sociolinguistics writing was when they were talking about last surviving speakers of many languages. It is not only a common thing that has happened in the past, and even now, it is a tragedy to history and language itself. The loss of these languages can and have prevented us from learning about these cultures and their peoples history. I remembered reading an article on 10 different cases of this death of language happening and thought I would share it. It is really quite interesting feel free to take a read! 

12 Last Known Speakers Of A Language



Reflections on Composition Project

Since I covered most of the paragraph writing from the half sheet we got in class today in my authors note, I decided to reflect on the 4 bullet questions at the bottom of the sheet.

I loved using film as a medium. I hadn’t worked too much with it in the past, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to work with. I love the element of writing, images, video and music being combined in one project. I will use film medium in my future projects I am sure now that  I am comfortable with it.

I chose the song just because I love the artist and I had been listening to it a lot at the time I was making the video. I chose images that were interesting and relevant to my point. I also tried to find a few that held a sense of humor because that is generally a direction I prefer to take when doing something creative like this.

The audio and visual effects of my project I think make it streamline. They help me tell a more interesting story than I would have just writing a Word document. I am a very visual and audio person so this project was right up my alley using things like images, movie and music.

The only thing I would do differently is maybe slow down the pace of the film? I thought it flowed better as a quick short film but maybe my audience felt it was too quick? I tend to do things in a quick manner which I have been scolded for by teachers in the past, yet it is in my nature and I cannot seem to help the pace I work at. I probably should have been more considerate that everyone does not read or comprehend at the fast rate I do. That may sound narcissistic in a way, I don’t mean it rudely, just factually, some people do things slower or quicker than others. Other than that I am very happy with my project and feel it says everything I wanted it to about my main point in a creative way.


Overall I feel very good about this project, I had a lot of fun working on it.

Here is some more Leo DiCaprio as Romeo incase there wasn’t enough in my project for your liking;)

tumblr_mxj5nlQ9Ao1qccbedo1_r2_500 tumblr_mxj5nlQ9Ao1qccbedo2_r2_500

Final Composition Project

Here it is my labor of love, final composition video project. The main point I am trying to show in this video is that politics and digital writing are always present and ever evolving in the classrooms of higher learning (High School and College). I have myself experienced this evolution and presence throughout my education.

The few things I hope you will grade me on is:
1. Did my use of props help make my video stand out and set a good stage for my main point?
2. Did my use of photos and video help make my video more interesting to the viewer?

1. Was my topic too broad or ambitious (since it’s both politics and digital writing)?
2. Did I spend enough time explaining my ideas/experiences on topics and not too much time focusing on one?

1. Did the view understand the main point I was trying to make when watching the video?
2. Was the video enjoyable to watch and a unique take on a way to display the information?
3. Does my viewer know the artist of the song I used? (just curious!)

Thanks hope you enjoyed my film! It took me about 6 hours from beginning to the final product and I’m pretty proud of it. I usually don’t work with film media but really found myself quite interested in it during and after this project. Will think more highly of using film media to present my ideas in the future!

Composition Project

I have been working really hard on this video and finally feel like I have it to where I want it! It’s my composition project in a film medium. I made a video about my personal experience with the evolution of digital writing and politics in the classroom throughout my high school and college English/Composition courses.