Final Composition Project

Here it is my labor of love, final composition video project. The main point I am trying to show in this video is that politics and digital writing are always present and ever evolving in the classrooms of higher learning (High School and College). I have myself experienced this evolution and presence throughout my education.

The few things I hope you will grade me on is:
1. Did my use of props help make my video stand out and set a good stage for my main point?
2. Did my use of photos and video help make my video more interesting to the viewer?

1. Was my topic too broad or ambitious (since it’s both politics and digital writing)?
2. Did I spend enough time explaining my ideas/experiences on topics and not too much time focusing on one?

1. Did the view understand the main point I was trying to make when watching the video?
2. Was the video enjoyable to watch and a unique take on a way to display the information?
3. Does my viewer know the artist of the song I used? (just curious!)

Thanks hope you enjoyed my film! It took me about 6 hours from beginning to the final product and I’m pretty proud of it. I usually don’t work with film media but really found myself quite interested in it during and after this project. Will think more highly of using film media to present my ideas in the future!


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