Motivation by Murray

One major issue with Murray’s ideas is that most high school students are completely unmotivated when it comes to writing. If you don’t give kids that age proper guidelines on an assignment, 9 out of 10 ( from my personal experience in high school and working with kids this age group since starting college) are not going to bother doing it. With so many other course loads on their educational plates, if you as the teacher let your piece of the meal be so open to free will inspired, it will be hard for students to want to focus on it. It is much easier to do an assignment when you have general instructions of what the teacher is looking for, versus having to decipher what they want and hopefully figure it out correctly. I am not condoning this behavior by teenagers at this education level, I am just simple pointing out this is a normal reaction to a lack of guidelines.

Barney sums up teenagers in school pretty well:



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