Why bother as a technical author?

While reading the WIDE collective’s reasons as to why we should teach digital writing, I really couldn’t find anything I disagreed with! In this day in age it is so vital to teach digital writing because it is becoming more and more relevant in our world everyday. I think these guys nailed it when giving the reasons why. There were two major reasons that stood out in my opinion:

1. Students need a full set of technical choices. Digital writing (like Yancey agrees) is more networking than any other kind of writing. It is all about the writer and their audience. By giving them different ways to outreach to their audience and get their points across, you will in turn create better writers. Not everyone is a good writer in the same way, some are better for example at writing journal articles, while others may be better at getting their point across in a quick and simple tweet.

2. Teachers need to be on students level in order to become effective mentors. If a teacher is not up to date on technology and it’s advances in writing, then they can not properly teach this type of writing. My teachers in high school were required actually to attend a conference once a year in order to learn the new advancements in classroom technology and ways to go about fostering it in their own rooms. I believe that by having teachers who were very up to date on technology and how it can affect our writings (many papers and projects were approached in this light) it left me to be a better writer and find my style more so than a generic paper and pen setting.



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