Yielding Yancey

A quote that sticks out for me in Yancey’s writing is “Through writing, we are.” I would agree that writing outside of school is extremely important and necessary in order to function as a proper member of society. It would be very difficult to live your life avoiding writing anything. Even if it is writing an angry letter on a subject you are passionate about to your local congressman/woman or penning a note as to why your child is absent for school today, writing is important and a part of our everyday lives whether we like to acknowledge it or not.

One of the major points Yancey makes is that since writing is so interwoven in us being a functioning society, we need to constantly keep up in the changing game of it. In one of her bullets on page 7 she discusses how composing digitally is much more public composure than writing a letter alone in the privacy of your bedroom. This changes our model of composing because we become more aware of the fact that our digital writing will always be accessible to an audience. A good example of this is a post one could write on their Facebook page. Even if you are marked as private or are writing directly to a certain friends page, many different audiences from future employers to the NSA (dramatic but true) can have possible future or current access to that writing. If anything we become more aware of the possibility of an audience who can hold our writing against us. This may in fact turn us on to become more politically or socially aware writers who are more sensitized to who our writing can be read by.



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