Wrap Up

Since I enjoyed posting GIF’s at the end of all my posts this semester I thought it was best to sum up how I felt about the class in this way too…

Many of the readings I found very…



and had to go back and reread them sometimes in order to try and fully understand what they were trying to say. Even so, I found most of them rather interesting and learned more about some English things I before knew little of (hello linguistics and technical communication!)


Sometimes even when I had re-read the reading I still didn’t understand what I was supposed to get from it and it made me feel a bit like grumpy cat..



however class discussions ALWAYS helped me where my brain power was lacking. By seeing what you (professor) or my fellow students had to say about each reading really helped me understand things I missed when reading originally and made my blog posts better relate to the readings.


The blog I thought was an amazing platform for us to share our ideas or thoughts on the readings in the class. The only problem I had was staying caught up!


I did tend to write down my thoughts on all the readings as I was reading them and then “planned” to later transcribe that to a blog post. Planned being the key word there for most of the time I would forget to move the info from my notebook to my virtual notebook! I think a big part of this was never having to use a platform like a blog in a class before and lord knows when it comes to school I am a create of habit. I wish I would of been more on top of writing on my blog cause I really did enjoy using it!


So I guess what I am trying to say is I ended up really liking this class! At first I was hesitant cause it seemed like a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong it was a lot of work, but it wasn’t the same old potatoes that all others teachers require (4 page 12 point Times New Roman) and that I really loved. It made things easier to want to finish instead of throwing together a crappy word document to turn in. Overall I liked almost everything about this class and feel like I know a heck of a lot more about certain pockets of English than I did before! thanks for a great semester!




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