About Me

I’m Jenna and am a 22 year old Senior at UNO. I am a History major with a English minor. I have always loved history and when it came down to it I figured it would be the degree whose classes I would enjoy the most. As for what I plan on doing post-graduation that is still completely up in the air.

I love to volunteer when I’m not in school or working. I am an adoption counselor at the Nebraska Humane Society and a volunteer in the Methodist Hospital gift shop along with my grandma, aunt, and cousin. Both are extremely rewarding to do and I hope to continue volunteering for a long time.

The other things I love to do most besides volunteering are traveling and going to concerts. I go to shows quite often because I am very passionate about music and love to see it played live. I haven’t traveled as much outside the U.S. as I would like, but was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Paris when I was a Senior in high school. This past year was my most exciting in traveling that I have had in years.

In July I was lucky enough to be in charge of 9 girls from my church’s youth group as we traveled to New York to do Sandy relief work. The experience was life changing and gave me the bug to do more mission work in the future (hopefully internationally). In November I was also lucky enough to visit San Fransisco and see Van Morrison live with my dad. Not only did I finally get to visit one of my favorite cities in the U.S. but I was also lucky enough to see my favorite musician of all time.

I am hoping 2014 treats me as well as 2013 did.


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