Herndel, Fennell, and Miller’s article pointed out two very clear problems when it comes to failure in the social production of discourse.

1. Miscommunication 

 A very common problem when it comes to technical communication errors. When writing technical documents you must be sure you are using rhetoric that you audience will easily be able to read and comprehend. If you are using a more complex vocabulary or slang words, there is a great chance that you will miscommunicate something to your audience which could throw off the whole point of writing purpose.

2. Misunderstanding 

The second common problem with technical communication. When producing your document you must make sure everything is clear. Do not assume someone will know what you are talking about if you use something like an abbreviation. It is better to use proper language so nothing is misunderstood. This deals more with what your are actually talking about rather than how you are presenting it. Make sure your information is clear and easy for your audience to follow.




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